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The world of products is filled with basic, must-have gadgets for everyday use that already perform as advertised. So, how do we rise above the noise? Ultimately, it’s the little “wows” that separate the ordinary from the exceptional.

As designers, our Holy Grail is to go a step beyond and strike that magical balance that combines flawless functionality with the joy of user experience. Products should be aesthetic, stylish, intuitive and easy to use; that’s a given. But a product whose design has that ingenious "special something" that beckons the individual to engage with it, is a product that succeeds in forming an emotional long-term bond with the user.

At Lanoo, our mission is to discover "a twist on simple" in basic everyday products and infuse them with magic that make them your personal, go-to favorites.

​We study existing everyday consumer products and embed a functional design twist within that produces an appreciative smile, raises an eyebrow in recognition of achievement – and creates that “gotta-have-it” bond with the user.

Who we are


Ilona Lev - Senior industrial designer specializes in medical equipment & hi-tech products

Key positions include: 

  • Partnership with David Rawet "Raved Designs", Herzliya, Israel

  • Lecturer of design morphology and design processes at Holon Institute of Technology - H.I.T, Israel



Bachelor's in Design (B.D)


Ayelet Hellerman - Industrial designer specializing in human factors and materials.

Architectural oversight and construction supervisor in Barcelona, Spain

Key positions include:

  • Lecturer of design methodology at H.I.T, Israel

  • Director of Materials Library, at the Holon Design Museum


Master's in science (M.Sc.), Bachelor's in fine arts (B.F.A)


What we do

Select products that we are intrigued by, products which we enjoy to feel and touch.

We then search for 'the twist', define appealing shapes, create forms, make mock ups,

test them and develop a final concept.

keyrings- family-fr.jpg

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